R&D, Design, Prototyping and Validation

DELMON Group designs products, global solutions, production processes that combine materials science and engineering.

Fully integrated, from the formulation of our elastomers to the validation of the moulded parts, you will benefit from all our experience and the skills of our engineers to finalise your specifications or to fully design your products and functions.

Innovation is the core mission of our technical design and calculation centre. Our teams of engineers are proactive on the modularity and competitiveness of our concepts, we also propose new materials, new surface treatments, and often the test methods for a specific bonding, for example.
Our finite element calculation specialists submit their analyses and then correlate them with the tests carried out on parts in our applications laboratory.

Quick prototyping techniques, as well as the design and production of our prototyping tools provide us with optimum reactivity when faced with sometimes very tight development schedules.

Our SOCAT site, as well our Chinese partner site, is equipped with many test benches for the static and dynamic characterisation of our parts, for the validation of the endurance of our components according to our clients’ specific specifications, and sometimes those of your clients.



Our specialists are available in our Physics-chemistry laboratories...

• To create new formulations and continuously improve them,
• To help you to have your own clients approve our mixes,
• To carry out official counter-expertise on mixtures from Industrial syndicates such as the aviation industry, etc.


... To provide legal expertise in our Technical design and calculation centre ...

• Study and design of new innovating functions,
• Definition of parts using CAD / CFAD Pro/Engineer, CATIA,
•  Non linear Abaqus FEM calculation.


... in our Application laboratory

• Static and dynamic characterisations,
• Quick prototyping and testing,
• Endurance and validation tests.


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