Oil exploration sector


• Stopper / Bottom spigot
• Measurement instrument shock absorber


• Sleeve • Membrane
• Specific seal • Connector
• Measuring pad • Measuring instrument overmoulding


Part manufacturing // oil exploration sector

SOCAT has been developing full solutions in close collaboration with the major gas and oil players since 1971.

In this sector, SOCAT offers a wide range of solutions for shock absorbers, and air, water, sludge and gas sealing functions that are essential to meet NFL 17107 requirements. Our products are designed for critical high pressure and high temperature functions up to 2000 bars and 300°C.

To cater for these environments, we formulate high-performance compounds such as the following elastomers: FKM, FFKM, HNBR, etc.

"Our IATF 16949 and EN 9100 quality certification. The recognition of our laboratory by our major OEMs, Renault, Safran & GE. Our environmental policy: ISO 14001, one site already approved and the others in the process of being approved, are the guarantee that we will support our customers on long-term”


Tier one supplier. IATF 16949 certified. Lean Manufacturing, automation and robotization have been our strengths for 30 years, making us more competitive in this sector.

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ISO EN9100 certified, SOCAT offers a wide range of solutions for vibration and thermal insulation, air, fluid and fire seals that are essential to meet NFL 17107, ISO2685, AC20-13, etc. requirements.

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From roofs to bogies, and including guiding and braking systems, we work in partnership with the main manufacturers and tier one suppliers.

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truck vehicles

Expert in strategic functions: Ecology, Energy savings, Comfort, Anti-vibration, Braking, etc. Our products are also safety parts.

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miscellaneous industries

Our expertise in anti-vibration and acoustic solutions, seals and esthetical function allows us to work with many industry sectors.

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