Valves are usually small in size and are the core part of complex pneumatic braking systems commonly used on heavy truck and on rail sectors.

These safety parts are designed and validated in close collaboration with our clients, and privilege two main criteria: performance and competitiveness, also meaning a permanent research for the most suitable material both for the valve body and the elastomer.

// Automotive sector
// Truck sector
// Rail sector  
Aeronautics sector
// Oil exploration sector
// Miscellaneous Industry sector


Brake valve / aero valve (hydraulic pump / Gas valve (regulator) / boiler

Brake valve:

As safety part, the valve is a precision seal designed to regulate pressure. Its body can be in metal or plastic. The elastomer meets severe fluid and temperature resistance requirements.


Aircraft valve:

Designed for use on hydraulic lubrication systems for civil and military aviation turbo-reactors. These valves resist high pressures, hydraulic oil at 160°C etc.


Gas valve:

A safety valve designed to regulate gas flow, the purpose of which is to fully and quickly cut off the gas flow when the pressure downstream of the regulator becomes too strong and/or too weak. SOCAT High Technology develops materials compliant with EN549 standard requirements for this market.

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