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Diario de Navarra, is a newspaper in contact with the plants of the region that measures the state of several activity sectors in Navarra. Diario de Navarra interviewed Alfredo Sanz, manager for Delmon Group Iberica (DGI) which gathers 2 subsidiaries (Pamplona and Castellbisbal) suffering from the crisis of the semiconductor industry and preparing the « acceleration » of the activity that will begin in August.

In addition to the health crisis, the slow down of semiconductors, the raw materials and the cost of energy increasing, the crisis of maritime transport and its lack of ships, all of this has created a real roller coaster for the rubber/plastic components sector.

The industry is crazy. This is the best definition of the current situation

DGI General Manager Alfredo Sanz.

He also points out that the industry needs support to be prepared and to be able to compete « anywhere in the world ».

« We are in a start-up phase with customers and new products. It’s not easy, and even less so for a small automotive plant. But there’s a great team behind it and we’re going to make it. The industry’s weight in the GDP of Navarra in Spain is very important and even more so in the quality of employment. It’s something we need to manage. » he recommends.

Alfredo Sanz takes full advantage of small plants compared to large companies, such as « flexibility or proximity to the customer to solve his problems. »

However, he asks for support from public institutions so that plants like Delmon Group Iberica can continue with « human processes » and thus maintain their competitiveness by helping them in their development. The group is in full swing phase of search for alternative markets.