SOCAT produces filtering systems to reduce vibration frequencies between the chassis and the road, the engine and the chassis, any rotating shaft. These are masses that are positioned to damp vibrations when the vehicle is running.

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Pulley damper

The pulley damper is composed of a metal part on the outside, a rubber system like a silent block and another metal ring that houses the end of the crankshaft.

As the torque on diesel engine is constantly increasing, the engine constraints force the damper pulley to absorb shocks very often and brutally. The filtering elements meet severe requirements: HIGH TEMPERATURES, ABRASION, FATIGUE, ETC.

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Transmission damper

For driveshafts or propshafts, the damper is made of a mass that is bonded or fitted onto the elastomer system fulfilling the client’s functional requirements (temperature, frequency, weight, packaging).


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Chasis damper

Development of axle / body / suspension dampers to reduce the chassis vibration.

  • Production of masses of up to 8-10 kg combined with an elastomer that meets the clients’ functional requirements (temperature, frequency, weight, packaging).

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