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The Delmon Group is committed to being as environmentally and energy friendly as possible through management processes that are taken very seriously.

It is thanks to its awareness environmental impact that the company certified its headquarters. Other subsidiaries are in the process for being certified.

To do this, the group must ensure that the right systems are in place to manage operations effectively.

WHAT IS ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is a certification that helps companies to make policies and processes in the target to improve their environmental awareness and impact. By following this framework, you ensure you are legally compliant and in control of the environmental aspects of your business.


Reducing environmental pollution.

Improving responsibility.

Improving reactivity in case of emergency.

Continually improving processes.

« Getting ISO 14001 certification became a prerequisite for our policy and customer requirements« 

said Jean Durand our Quality Health Safety and Environment Manager

This certification got by SOCAT (headquarters) and the other subsidiaries of the group allows to meet customer requirements while preserving the environment and ensuring the safety of employees.

In addition, SOCAT has carried out a major investment in a Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) extraction and treatment facility.
The objective of this installation is to drastically reduce VOC emissions into the atmosphere, but also to improve the working conditions of employees.